I Bought A Camera

Devoted fans may remember I studied photography and even earned a fancy BFA in it from the San Francisco Art Institute back in 2010. This was after I studied French. And now I do graphic design. Three pursuits in three decades = winning. 

After a series of unfortunate events I sold my Canon 5D MKII a couple years back and have been camera-less ever since. I'd been somewhat averse to buying a new DSLR, but the itch hit me last Saturday and I went for it. I bought the Fuji X-A2, a mirrorless outfit with interchangeable lenses. Then I took it for a walk in San Francisco's Presidio. It was chilly and gray and virtually people-less. In a word, perfect.

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Oh hey, that's me! The tipping point for me choosing this camera was the 175˚ tilt-enabled LCD screen that makes selfies that much easier. I'm not very fun to walk with when I'm carrying a camera (we WILL be separated), so the burden of proof rests upon my shoulders.