Cataract Falls Trail Hike

I went for a hike with my boyfriend. I haven't updated this blog in over a year, and since then I have changed jobs and found a super great guy to spend lots of time with. We both like our creature comforts, but I felt like this weekend we had to get out of the city and see some trees.


The Bay Area has seen plenty of rain recently, so I was perhaps sub-consciously drawn to the Cataract Falls Trail about an hour north of San Francisco, nestled in the Mt. Tamalpais watershed. The drive up was pleasant enough, although I can't say I enjoyed dodging cyclists on winding Bolinas Road to get to the trailhead. But I didn't kill anyone and we really enjoyed this hike–now that's what I call a success!


In the process of finding this place, I signed up for AllTrails (apparently I already head, since Facebook remembered me logging in previously ... but it seems like Facebook "remembers" everything about me anyway). If you go "pro" for $29.99 a year you can record and save GPS data for your trek. My goal is to sync my workout data with the GPS data in some nifty data visualization. But until that happens you'll have to be fine with a map and a red line.