Acadia National Park

People often ask if I am from Maine because of my cell phone number's area code, but like a lot of people my age that area code is a reflection of where I was in my life when I got my first cell phone. And we Millennials are supposedly lazy if you need an explanation for why I haven't changed it since moving to San Francisco. But my mom does live in Maine, and home is arguably where your mother is (provided you have a positive relationship with her, and I am very grateful to have such a relationship).

This trip was difficult because the relationship I had with the wonderful man in my previous update sadly ended just before we were set to travel together. I had also booked the 6am flight to Boston rather than my usual red-eye, so I was not exactly in a good mood when the TSA sent my carry-on back through the scanner. Apparently electronics larger than a cell phone need to be removed, and the fact that they were able to identify my camera as such an object seemed reason enough NOT to send it back. But what do I know about national security?

Nevertheless, I had a good time with my mom at home and in Acadia National Park. After getting my National Park Passport stamp (woo!) we cruised around the park, stopping along the way to check out Cadillac Mountain, Sieur de Monts, Sand Beach, and Thunder Hole. 

Cadillac Mountain, looking east towards Bar Harbor

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain

Sand Beach

Sand Beach

Sand Beach

Mom at Sand Beach

Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole

After a failed attempt to eat popovers at Jordan Pond (the kitchens weren't yet open for the season) we settled on some sandwiches from the gift shop before doing a hike at The Bubbles. The Bubbles are hill-blobs with fairly steep sides and smooth rock tops. We decided to crest the South Bubble, then backtrack to take the trail between the two Bubbles (there is a North Bubble) to Jordan Pond, and back around South Bubble to the trail head.

Sign at The Bubbles trailhead

On the way to South Bubble

Some nice trees. Birch? I don't know.

South Bubble

Sign on the summit of South Bubble. Elevation: 768 feet / 238 meters

After reaching the top, we headed back down to take the divide, which is basically a rock slide. If it hadn't been for the painted blue lines marking the trail on the rocks we very well may have ended up in Canada. Luckily we made it to the bottom, landing right on the shores of Jordan Pond.

Mom braving the rock slide

Looking down

Looking up

Jordan Pond

After all was said and done I enjoyed this trip despite moments of grief and sadness. I was also happy to check another National Park off my bucket list. You can see the details of the hike on All Trails, or just check out this nifty red line on a satellite image below.

Bubbles Trail

Distance: 2.0 miles | Elevation gain: 528 feet | Time: 1hr 23min