Tulum Ruins, Mexico

This is the Part Deux to my previous post about visiting Mexico back in April of 2019. This time I’ll be focusing on just one little piece of Tulum … the ruins.

According to Google, the ruins at Tulum are, “[the] most visited archeological site in Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.” The area is pretty open, with lawns and palm trees framing dirt trails that take you to the different (former) buildings. Iguanas were in abundance.

We arrived fairly late in the day. I had read online that the staff boots everyone out about 15 minutes before the park officially closes, but was assured by the two people I talked to before entering that this was false. It was not false, and right at 4:45 PM a bunch of men started yelling at everyone to GTFO in Spanish.

Tulum ruins.

Tulum ruins.

Definitely the entrance to the Wind Temple.

Emily-sized entryway.

The ruins are located right on the coast, which was very beautiful.

Corner face.

Although getting kicked out of the site was irritating, I wasn’t totally bummed to be leaving. We visited these ruins towards the end of our trip and I was tired and hot. The sun was relentless and I found myself fully covered by my shawl scarf by the end of the day, craving the fog of my home base in San Francisco. My favorite thing were the carvings still visible in the crumbling stone. I found the geometry, balance, and weight of the carvings incredibly comforting for some reason.

Anyhoo, that’s it for Mexico! I have two more trips planned this year, so stay tuned…