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On May 14th, 2016, a bunch of solar energy enthusiasts got together to "hack the sun" at Powerhouse in downtown Oakland. This was my second time at the hackathon and am proud to say our team made it into the final 7 of 17 total teams. Our idea was to standardize solar development in the developing world so that projects can get the funding and attention they need. I learned that over a billion people don't have access to reliable energy, or even energy at all. 

I had teamed up with the two founders of the enrGxs (Energy Access) idea along with two developers we met the night before the hackathon. We put together a plan, created a website, and an Android app in under 12 hours. I was primarily responsible for developing user personas, mapping the user's journey, and designing and developing the landing page using Bootstrap.

What I contributed: UX, web design, front-end development.

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