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Logo & Color palette

Graphic design


This was an interesting challenge: Tech Solidarity did not want any of the typically requested bells and whistles like Google Analytics, MailChimp integration, or even a CMS. Although I built my initial wireframes and layouts in Sketch–a relatively new player on the design scene–I actually hand-coded the entire thing in an afternoon with a little help from the 960 grid and Dreamweaver. My mom taught me HTML in the late 90s, so it was kind of neat to be building a site 20 years later for Tech Solidarity. I knew about Maciej from an article he wrote about web design a few years ago. This passage was one of many that stuck out to me:

The feline vision of the Internet is fundamentally a humble one, because it does not presume that developers and designers know what they are doing. There are no limits on what people (and cats) can get up to once you link them together. On a planet of seven billion people and millions of cats, the chance that you are going to be able to think of all the best ideas is zero. Someone is always going to come up with something you never expected. A web that connects people in a way where they can contribute gives its authors a chance to be surprised.

When I'm working on a website, the Lorem ipsum and placeholder images I choose is a minor source of anxiety for me. Does the client have a sense of humor? Do they even know what Lorem ipsum is? Do they understand that images are replaceable on the Internet? These are not the kind of skills you can discover from a basic LinkedIn search. Fortunately for this project, I knew my client would be down with as many cat-related things I could think of, such as Cat ipsum. The color palette is taken from Ethan Schoonover's Solarized, which I find not only useful and accessible, but a rather harmonious, if not unusual, combination of colors.

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